a life unschooled
A Life Unschooled
Homeschool boss moms & hustle culture with Adele Jarrett-Kerr

Homeschool boss moms & hustle culture with Adele Jarrett-Kerr

Wading into the depths of what it really means to unschool and work for pay.

I’m thrilled to be sharing this conversation with


I am a long-time follower and fan of Adele’s writing, and in this podcast we discuss her piece Homeschool mum hustle culture is giving MLM vibes, and all of our many thoughts about it.

It was a beautiful, rambly (in all the good ways!) conversation that went so many places.

We talk about:

  • working while homeschooling and the very specific challenge of that

  • why we don’t see HOW people make it work, even while we’re often told we can do it, too!

  • home education as a win-win lifestyle choice

  • how we are part of the decision-making around how to craft a life unschooled

  • the danger of online promises that you too, can have it all by following these easy steps (and paying for this workshop!)

And so much more!!

I would love to know your thoughts too.

Do you homeschool and work for pay?

What is tough about it, and what is wonderful?

Why do we shy away from talking about the significant downsides of homeschooling, or the realities behind how people actually make it work?

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More about Adele:

Adele Jarrett-Kerr is a Trinidadian mother of three who lives in Cornwall, UK. She home educated her kids until they were 13, 10 and 7 and founded Soulcraft, a learning community for home educated tweens and teens. She also works as a freelance writer. If you follow her online you'll get some thoughts on self direction and consent-based parenting. 

You can find Adele on instagram, and here on Substack.

a life unschooled
A Life Unschooled
Not your usual homeschooling/unschooling pod! This is a podcast where I speak to people who challenge and critique norms and trends related to parenting, children's autonomy, (home) education, unschooling, and motherhood. Prepare to get a little uncomfortable - it'll be worth it!