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How Deep is your Deschooling?

How Deep is your Deschooling?

Cos we're living in a world of school, breaking us down, when they all should let us be!!

We belong to you and meeeee!! Okay enough with the Bee Gees, let’s get to it ;)

I’m so excited to share this episode of the podcast!

I chat to Sari González and Becka Koritz about the nuts and bolts of deschooling: what it is, what it looks like, the places we get stuck and the ways we get ourselves out of them!

I absolutely love how real they are about their own struggles and process, and how expansive their understanding of deschooling is.

Must-listen for anyone in the weeds of deschooling (and isn't that every single one of us?!).

A bit about Sari & Becka:

Sari González and Becka Koritz are unschooling moms, youth liberation advocates, podcasters, parent coaches, facilitator trainers, consultants & founders of Radical Learning™️. Together they have 35+ years of experience supporting kids, adults & educational projects. They provide support at the intersection of unschooling, parenting, relationship & community building - empowering adults to support kids’ self-directed learning, autonomy and freedom. They also run Explora ALC, a pop-up Agile Learning Community in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, advocating for children’s rights & freedom. They see unschooling and parenting as collective liberation work where we develop practices centered in not just youth rights, but also human rights, social justice and building trusting & equitable relationships. They believe that by honoring the dignity of every individual, we can create more authentic relationships and strengthen the fabric of our world.

Connect with them ⁠@radicallearning⁠

Some info about decolonized Non-violent Communication (NVC) that they mention in the episode, if you'd like to look at that further: ⁠https://www.meenadchi.com

You can read the transcript at the top of this post. Just bear in mind I don’t edit it at all so there are likely to be mistakes.

Thank you for listening!

Fran x

Just a pic of iced coffee and the book I’m reading (Other People’s Children by Lisa Delpit, if you’re wondering).

a life unschooled
A Life Unschooled
Not your usual homeschooling/unschooling pod! This is a podcast where I speak to people who challenge and critique norms and trends related to parenting, children's autonomy, (home) education, unschooling, and motherhood. Prepare to get a little uncomfortable - it'll be worth it!